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Established Clients

Updated: May 20

Hello to all of our established clients!

I do not have a set plan of returning to work as of yet. Sue will be returning to work next week and has availability for clients who have already seen her regularly. After she has her regular client list caught up, there may be a few spots for emergency shave downs from my list of people waiting. Please let me know if you are interested or in need of this service as spots will likely be very limited with her. These would be need-based appointments, not regular grooming. If dogs are severely matted and need shaved, etc. We will have new COVID-specific procedures in place that will be explained later. If I find I am able to take individual appointments in the near future I will be contacting you individually in the order in which you were cancelled. I will try to be as fair and equitable as possible in doing this as I know how patient you have all been through these interesting times. Please understand that it may take some additional time to be fully caught up and getting things back into place over the summer. As always, the best way to check for updates is to check in here or visit our Facebook page at:

If you have any questions, the best way to reach me will always be email. Thank you again, I truly appreciate the messages of support from all of you and your remarkable patience and understanding. Stay well,

Karu Wojtaszek, ICMG

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